Wayfarer Sunglasses

Over time, as fashions and styles have changed selections tend to stay - only growing larger. Therefore while looking around at all of the different sunglasses styles, it can be super easy to get overwhelmed with the immensely high selections. In an attempt to lower this frustration somewhat, we've broken down the vast selections into different categories and subcategories. If you are looking for any new accessory - like sunglasses - it is best to decide your overall style first, and the impression you want to put out together with your new accent. Both main sections that fashionable sunglasses can be separated into may be the current, trending style known as "geek chic" or "hipster", and then basically anything else, or: "classic" sunglasses styles. Enjoy this guide for better understanding two main categories, and respective subcategories further...

Wayfarer Sunglasses

The hipster trend has taken many varieties of generations past and created a whole fashion sense accordingly; this genre is slowly overpowering the style world. The three main subcategories for that geek chic style consist of one of the most typically seen: wayfarer frames, cateye frames, and perfectly round sunglasses frames. The thick plastic wayfarer style frames were the first to lose, and may now be seen everywhere you go; and they are just like cool whether made as eyeglasses or sunglasses! Cateye styled frames are generally directed more toward the female population, and put in a little extra sass to your look! The perfectly round sunglasses (and eyeglasses) frames resemble John Lennon's look quite a bit, and that style has sure developed a comeback!

Wayfarer Sunglasses

The rest of the types of sunglasses come in are all: classic styles! Even though this category may be separated a lot more, we've taken the 3 biggest subsections to help you decipher what style looks best for you! These three styles and shapes are the strict and heavy aviators, large bug-type sunglasses, and classic sports shades! The aviator shades shot to popularity a short while ago, although they've always been pretty in-style with law enforcement officers, were readily available for just about everyone in any age. This classic look isn't going out without a fight, and are still just as cool! A lot of the larger bug looking frames were also obtained from past generations' styles; when they are more given to women, you can find certainly large, thick plastic frames for men as well! Lastly, sports sunglasses actually can come in various different shapes and styles; however typically every one has the identical general look. Along with their style, they typically offer more durability kinds of sunglasses.


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